Analysis of Behavioral Patterns
Analysis of Decision-Making Mechanisms
Analysis of Herd Behavior
Behavioral Modeling

EQUANTRADE Information Technologies Trade and Consulting Ltd.

Equantrade was founded in December 2022. The company office is located in the Technopark Building in the center of Kastamonu. Equantrade continues to work on three software prototypes. The company operates in the fields of Consulting, Publishing, and Project activities.


Building the Society Model of the Future: SOCIARCH



This word is derived from the combination of "society" and "architect." "Sociarch" is used to describe individuals who shape social order and direct institutional and social change.



Providing integrated software solutions with innovative technologies and behavioral analytics to enhance the quality of life for people worldwide. Being a pioneer in understanding and managing human behavior through advanced software technologies with the aim of making communities more sustainable and conscious for the future. Offering innovative software solutions that bring global communities together by making people's interactions in the digital world more meaningful and positive.


We aim to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities by producing innovative software solutions for human behaviors. Focusing on the unique needs of our customers, we use technology to understand interactions more deeply, trigger positive changes, and build a sustainable society. With our software solutions integrated with behavioral sciences and data analytics, we strive to take a leading position in understanding and improving human behaviors.

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